Tutorials and Supervision

Available for students, recent graduates, or those who have been in practice for a number of years – whatever stage you are at in your craniosacral career these sessions provide the opportunity to explore areas that will help you further develop your practice. Having faced many challenges during her Craniosacral career, Jo offers these sessions with both skill and empathy.

Tutorials offer clear guidance on how and what you sense in the context of our clinical and hands-on work, including tidal phenomena, fields of awarenessverbal skills, relational field dynamics and more technical anatomical orientation

Supervision sessions are offered in person or online. Looking at challenges generally, or in reference to specific clients, this is a therapeutic relationship that provides support, reflection and clarification on skills, and the unraveling of personal processes in the context of clinical work. Jo‘s supervisor has been Angela Tressider, and her supervision trainings were undertaken with Deidre Gordon and at the Karuna Institute with Maura Sills.

Jo has also been influenced by a number of Craniosacral teachers with whom she has been taught by and with, including Franklyn Sills, Katherine Ukleja, and Michael Kern